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[Watch] @DeanOnCampus on why CBME is a necessary direction

Dear colleagues, We had the pleasure of welcoming our first Professor-in-Residence to the Royal College: Dr. Richard Reznick, FRCSC, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University. The Professor-in-Residence is one of two new programs we are launching... Continue Reading →

Your dollars at work

Dear colleagues, I recently had an exchange with a Fellow about Royal College membership dues. At issue was where membership dollars are being spent. After several emails, a phone call and a face-to-face visit to the Fellow’s nearby office (yes,... Continue Reading →

Collaboration makes the impossible possible

By Dr. Andrew Padmos A new blog post by AMFC President and CEO Geneviève Moineau proposes that the Canadian medical education system should reduce the number of entry routes in answer to medical students’ career choice challenges (i.e. inadequate time... Continue Reading →

Three common misperceptions about our international work

Above: Participants at IMELF 2017 in Quebec City, Que., included representatives from 19 countries. Dear colleagues, We feel privileged to be in a position to help global partners working in medical education, by sharing our knowledge, experience, best practices and... Continue Reading →

Trial our new program, earn Section 3 MOC credits

Dear colleagues, Prescribing medication is a core component of most specialists’ clinical work. It is important that this work is done properly and safely. Earlier this month, we launched a new pilot program for Fellows to assess their prescribing skills... Continue Reading →

Re-energizing the Royal College: how can we better serve you?

Dear colleagues, If you recall, a couple of months ago I asked you to share your thoughts on the future direction of the Royal College. As our leadership team now endeavours to refine our strategic plan, I am once again... Continue Reading →

Competence by Design – Which disciplines will launch in 2018?

Dear colleagues, On July 1 we launched Competence by Design (CBD) for postgraduate training programs in Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. Last week, at a meeting with the Postgraduate Deans, Royal College Leadership and Specialty Committee Chairs,... Continue Reading →

OPINION: Cross-border exchanges are good for global health

Photo: Global representation at IMELF in 2016 held in Niagara Falls, Canada Dear colleagues, For almost a decade, the Royal College has been hosting the International Medical Education Leaders Forum (IMELF). I am amazed at how quickly this meeting has... Continue Reading →

Meet Doug.

Dear colleagues, I'd like to introduce you to Doug Hedden who is joining the Royal College as Executive Director of Professional Practice and Membership. Doug is less than 30 days into a job that will directly impact your future interactions... Continue Reading →

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