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Our 2017 National Award Winners — the big reveal (+ VIDEO)

Dear colleagues, Please join me in congratulating our newest award winners: • An intensivist who worked at the forefront of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, where he introduced new care procedures to great success and later co-authored landmark publications.... Continue Reading →

“It’s never about you, without you” (how Haitians are guiding our aid)

Dear colleagues, When you think of Haiti, what comes to mind? For the vast majority of us, it’s probably the 2010 earthquake and subsequent relief efforts. Haiti, in many respects, is a country synonymous with extreme devastation and poverty. But... Continue Reading →

A Major Step Forward For the Profession

Dear colleagues, CanMEDS, Canada’s renowned physician competency framework was introduced 25 years ago. Since that time, it has been applied in postgraduate medical education programs, residency training, and professional learning and development — both in Canada and around the world.... Continue Reading →

Fundamental changes in how we do our jobs

Dear colleagues, We’re part of an evolution that is probably going to have as dramatic an effect on how we practice medicine as the introduction of antiseptics or antibiotics. You’ve probably noticed that our role as physicians has been evolving... Continue Reading →

Data tells the story: Canada’s medical workforce is changing

Dear colleagues, We’ve heard repeated calls to produce a physician workforce that has the right number, mix and distribution of specialists to meet the needs of Canadians. But, until recently, little had been done to integrate all available data in... Continue Reading →

Santiago, Beijing and Jeddah: 3 cities, 3 institutions, 1 shared feat

Dear colleagues, I’m pleased to announce that, after several years of dedicated work, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago) achieved the first stage of Royal College accreditation (international recognition) earlier this year — our first international partner to do... Continue Reading →

Passing the 10 year mark as CEO: Some personal reflections

Dear colleagues, I find every day at the Royal College to be pretty exciting and exhilarating. If I were to pinpoint what exactly brought me to work here, I would say it was latent curiosity, on my part, as to... Continue Reading →

Remember your residency training? Here’s a preview of how it’s changing

Dear colleagues, Most of us can clearly recall our time as residents – whether it was five, 20 or even 40 years ago. Those are years of incredible expansion of the mind, of first experiences and the building blocks of... Continue Reading →

Mid-year highlights & a call for topic ideas

Dear colleagues, I’d like to take this opportunity to share my usual midsummer update. I’m sure many of you are enjoying some well-deserved vacation, so I’ll keep this brief and highlight just a small selection of activities from the first... Continue Reading →

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