Dear colleagues,

Prescribing medication is a core component of most specialists’ clinical work. It is important that this work is done properly and safely.

Earlier this month, we launched a new pilot program for Fellows to assess their prescribing skills and at the same time benefit from Section 3 Self-Assessment MOC credits.

Titled Prescribing Safely Canada this program is an adaptation of an assessment tool first created jointly by the Medical Schools Council and the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) in the UK. We worked closely with the BPS to ensure the final offering would achieve scientific integrity, rigor and balance. Reviewers in Canada also checked the program to make sure it would resonate with Canadian physicians.

Please visit our website to read about what you can expect to learn upon completion of this program. On that same page, you can sign-up to be one of our pilot participants.*

Features of the program include

  • 30 case-based questions on a wide range of prescribing competencies;
  • content customized for Canadian physicians with specialties in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and General Surgery;
  • automated and individualized performance feedback, with two hours of claimable Section 3 MOC credits.

We deeply value this opportunity to provide you with practical training materials, and to encourage more self-assessment and self-reflection on your prescribing practices.


Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP
Chief Executive Officer

*Note: Since this content originates on the BPS platform, the pilot program is only available in English and for a limited number of participants (up to 2000).