Dear colleagues,

If you recall, a couple of months ago I asked you to share your thoughts on the future direction of the Royal College. As our leadership team now endeavours to refine our strategic plan, I am once again asking for your input and hope to see even more of you contribute.

At last week’s Royal College Council meeting, we continued to make progress in defining a new strategic plan for 2018-20. Some may see this as a dull, albeit necessary, act of governance; but I have appreciated this opportunity to step back, to listen and to determine how we can better meet the needs of patients, diverse populations and Fellows in their service to patients and the health care system.

Bridging our vision with your practice

We continue to sharpen our draft vision and mission statements (see below). Along with our list of strategic priorities, these statements will be finalized at our June 2018 Council meeting. The real challenge lies ahead. How do we take these words and become an organization that is more meaningful to you?

To that end, I invite you to contribute your thoughts on these two questions:

1)  How can we better support you in your daily practice? (For example, types of educational content, learning tools, advocacy, etc.)

2)  What is the main thing we can do for you that we are not currently doing?

I encourage you to comment directly on this blog post to facilitate public discussion across our Royal College community. Commenting on the blog connects all of our viewpoints and allows us to have a healthy discussion.

Our measure of success will be determined by you

Beyond the extensive consultations, wordsmithing and other elements that have gone into the production of our new strategic plan, our success will be determined by the answer to only one question: in 2020, will you feel that we have delivered on programs, products and services that really matter to you?

We certainly hope you take the time to help us understand how we can do this.


Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP
Chief Executive Officer

Draft vision and mission statements

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