Dear colleagues,

We regularly ask ourselves: how can we make the Royal College more relevant to Fellows, valuable to patients and of use to the health system? We need you (our members) to us help us define the answers.

Contribute by answering 2 questions
We recently initiated our next strategic planning cycle. We want you to have opportunities to help shape its outcomes. Your input and advice are crucial.

We are looking for your answers to two questions that consider your vision for the Royal College and your views on the strategic importance of some possible new areas of effort.

Please submit your feedback using the online form linked to above. For additional comments, you can email me at

All feedback will be shared directly with our planning team.

How our strategic planning is rolling out and feedback so far
Our next strategic plan should roll out in mid-2018.

So far, we have gathered feedback from stakeholders including representatives from the provincial colleges, partners in the Canadian Medical Forum and other health system leaders. We have also approached medical faculties, patient and resident groups and staff for their perspectives and advice.

Members of the Royal College Council and the Board of Royal College International reviewed these inputs at a planning session in June and through online surveys over the months of July and August.

Here are some of the themes that have come out of those discussions.

  • Strengths: External stakeholders agree that the Royal College demonstrates strength and rigor in standard setting and certification.
  • Global health: There is considerable support of international development, collaboration and aid but lingering concerns about cost recovery activities in certain countries.
  • Change management: Some stakeholders face challenges (i.e. resource-based, administrative, etc.) when implementing certain Royal College-driven initiatives. The need for more support around projects, such as Competence by Design, was raised.
  • College of Family Physicians of Canada: Many agree that there are opportunities for increased collaboration and alignment between the two colleges.
  • Lifelong learning: Lifelong learning is seen as an area of immense opportunity for the Royal College.
  • Patient focus: Topics related to the role of the Royal College and specialists in improving patient care were raised.
  • Research and advocacy: We have been developing our research and advocacy portfolios and have heard that the Royal College must continue to be an evidenced-based organization. How research and advocacy activities should continue to inform and direct our work is being further explored.
  • Assessment: There is an opportunity for the Royal College to explore different approaches to examination and assessments.

This is your Royal College; help shape its future
The Royal College exists to support Fellows and, in doing so, protect and serve patients and populations by ensuring the highest standards in training, safety and expert health care.

Strategic planning is an opportunity to take the pulse of the organization; to examine our work, our successes and any deficiencies. In addition to the comprehensive environmental scan and medical partner interviews, we’d value including your input as part of our decision-making process. I hope that you accept our invitation to contribute your own perspective on how we can evolve and develop.

I will keep you informed as our planning progresses. I anticipate regular updates in our Dialogue newsletter and possibly another message on this topic in late November.


Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP

Chief Executive Officer