Dear Colleagues, All Fellows are deeply proud of their FRCPC and FRCSC designations, and everything they represent. Yet while the health care community widely recognizes this national standard of competence, many patients lack a clear sense of why they should take confidence in being treated by specialists like you. Last year, the Royal College launched the successful first phase of our Fellowship Matters: Find out Why campaign to fill this gap. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past 12 months. This year, we’re increasing our efforts to inform Canadians about the expertise and dedication of Fellows nationwide.

Building on our Phase I success

While many patients may not recognize what Royal College Fellowship means, they are increasingly seeking information online about their physicians. That is why Phase I delivered an online and social media campaign that reached Canadians directly, while providing the best “bang for our buck.” The metrics are in for Phase 1, and here are some details for your consideration:

  • We reached 4.7 million Canadians over various social media platforms, increasing awareness of our public brand as we did so.
  • We encouraged more than 28,000 Canadians to visit our Fellowship Matters microsite and learn more about what Fellowship means. (Our click-through rate was more than twice the industry average.)
  • More than 300 Fellows downloaded our Fellowship Matters poster and badge for display in their offices. You can find those resources here.

Our metrics were strong across all platforms, in particular Facebook, and the campaign reached patients throughout all regions of Canada.

Expanding our efforts

Phase II is about leveraging what we’ve learned from Phase I and expanding the Royal College’s efforts to reach those Canadians most actively engaging with our health system. That’s why we’ve enhanced the new public microsite to better explain what Fellowship is and why it matter to patients. You’ll also notice Fellowship matters ads and notices on CBC Health, Quebeccor, WebMD, Facebook and other popular sites, encouraging patients to learn more about Fellowship and to visit our directory. We want Canadians to see the Directory of Fellows as a reliable, trusted and proven information source.

The Royal College has also created new YouTube ads explaining in a simple way why Canadians should trust and care about your Fellowship.

Finally, we’ve created new posters and other resources for your waiting room or office to help you promote your qualifications and dedication as a Royal College Fellow.

A purely positive campaign

Throughout this campaign, our intention has been to speak positively about Fellowship rather than imply that specialists who are not Fellows are somehow inferior. We are delivering strong messages about your training and your commitment to pursuing learning throughout your careers and ensuring that specialty medicine in Canada remains among the best in the world.

We believe strongly that Canadians can, and should, take confidence in Fellows’ strong commitment to excellence from residency throughout professional practice.

For more information on the campaign, I invite you to visit the Fellowship Matters microsite or contact As always, you are more than welcome to contact me directly.


Andrew Padmos, MD, FRCPC, FACP

Chief Executive Officer