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Our work Down Under

Dear colleagues, The Royal College has a history of working with our sister colleges in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, this relationship goes back many years starting as the Tripartite Alliance and growing to the Tri-nation Alliance. What is... Continue Reading →

War and medicine

Dear colleagues, War and medicine have a storied history. As Dr. Jonathan Larmonth Meakins, OC, FRCSC, a member of our History and Heritage Advisory Committee, said, “Wartime is a crucible in which major advances are made.” These include advances in... Continue Reading →

Prescribing Safely: free self-assessment modules

Dear colleagues, Around this time last year, we launched Prescribing Safely Canada to help you assess your prescribing skills and earn Section 3: Self-assessment MOC credits. We have now launched a continuation of that initial pilot program. I am pleased... Continue Reading →

Cannabis use guidelines: links to resources

Dear colleagues, The legalization of cannabis comes into effect today. We’d like to share some resources that may help inform your knowledge and discussions with patients on this matter. Quick links Materials from the Public Health Agency of Canada &... Continue Reading →

Data is power in medical workforce planning (but context matters, too)

Dear colleagues, Last month I attended the CMA’s inaugural Health Summit. I was quite taken with the meeting’s focus on the evolving and expanding role of data and technology in health care service and delivery. For many years, we have... Continue Reading →

Our 2018 Teasdale-Corti Humanitarian Award recipient is…

Dear colleagues, World Humanitarian Day falls on August 19. What better time to announce this year’s recipient of the Royal College Teasdale-Corti Humanitarian Award? Without fail, I am impressed by the selflessness, unwavering commitment and heart for service that recipients... Continue Reading →

So, if I heard you correctly…

Dear colleagues, I hope at this point in the summer, you have all had an opportunity to relax, unwind and disconnect — if only for a short time (or at least have imminent plans to do so). I’ve been using... Continue Reading →

Introducing our strategic plan: 2018-2020

Dear colleagues, I know that you’re busy and may not have a lot of time to keep up with changes and activities at the Royal College, so let me assure you that the College is strong, committed and running well.... Continue Reading →

Manitoba physician receives our 2018 Indigenous health award

Dear colleagues, I’d like to invite you to watch a short video. Better than any words I can share, this three-minute video explains why Catherine L. Cook, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP, has been named the recipient of our Dr. Thomas Dignan Indigenous Health Award for 2018. Dr. Cook, a proud Métis woman, began as a […]

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